University Announces Catholic Student Community “Alta Via”


Campus Ministry is launching a Catholic student community.

Alta Via, which means “the highway” in Latin, will provide the opportunity for a select group of students to grow in their faith through this initiative.

The program will launch in the fall semester.

“Alta Via comes from a path through the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy,” said the Rev. James Puglis, Director of Campus Ministry. 

Puglis explained that Saint Francis, who lived in Italy, loved places of prayer that were beautiful.

Students involved with Alta Via will be eligible for scholarships through the program. Depending on the students’ scholastic standing, these scholarships may be renewed each year.

Puglis said the program will allow students to broaden their religious and personal development.

During their senior year, Alta Via participants will make a trip to Assisi and to Rome.

“At Saint Francis University, we’ve seen the impact that our Catholic faith leaves on our students,” said Puglis. 

“We desire nothing more than to expand and deepen that same impact in a more potent and refined way.”