Dining Services Rolls Out New Initiatives


Dining Services has changed its operations significantly over the past year. 

Frankie’s Campus Club, which replaced the ‘old’ Frankie’s, has been up and running for a little more than a semester, but there are some things that many students still don’t fully understand regarding their meal-plan options.

One swipe at Frankie’s is worth $6.25. Anything over $6.25 will require a second swipe or must be paid with flex cash.

Students are allowed to use more than one swipe per visit. If a meal is not large enough for a student, he or she may buy another meal using another swipe at the same moment he or she pays for the first meal.

Frankie’s will also be offering a couple new sandwiches: the French Twist and the Campus Club. 

Frankie’s has also added a new station, Salad By Design, and will be offering weekly features, including macaroni and cheese on Thursdays and a grilled cheese and tomato soup combo on Fridays. 

Limited time offers, such as Cap’n Crunch chicken tenders, Texas tacos and shrimp nachos, will also be offered each week.

Questions about Frankie’s or other dining services may be directed to Director of Retail Operations Jeffrey Surgent at jsurgent@francis.edu.