Lacrosse Team Looks to Rebound

The lacrosse team fell short in its first two matches of the season against Radford (15-8) and American (21-12) and will look to rebound in a game at Akron on Feb. 23.

“We did not get the outcome we wanted, but there has been very good progress and the team is extremely coachable,” said head coach Tracy Coyne. She said there was a huge improvement in the American game following the season-opener against Radford. 

“The first game, the team was excited, but very nervous,” said sophomore goalie Elyssa Enrique. 

Enrique said the team is very mentally tough and sophomore C.C. Courter agrees.

“We are practicing and lifting, but also studying film to improve from the previous games,” said Courter.

Coyne, who is in her first year as head coach of the program, said there is more to measuring progress than wins and losses.

“We are judging success on our own timeline because we have not been together for long,” said Coyne. “We aren’t looking at it as wins and losses.”

“Everyone is starting to settle in and we are growing our own individual games,” said senior captain Peyton LeConte. “It is giving the team that edge we need to win.”

Following the game at Akron, the team will travel to Washington D.C., for a game at Howard on March 6.

Coyne said she plans to give the players the opportunity to see the sights around Washington, D.C., when they visit the nation’s capital. She said she wants the players to take in the cultural aspects of this experience, as well as focus on getting a win.