Survival Guide for Winter in Loretto


Winter in Loretto can get pretty gnarly. For a new student, a freshman, or someone not used to this type of weather, it can come as a shock.

Being on top of a mountain means that students here experience a variety of weather. It can be 60 degrees one and, two days later, there is a foot or two of snow.

The University is notorious for not canceling classes, so if you are new to the cold … buckle up!

“Loretto winter is a mixture of just about everything,” said junior Lauren Lapinski. “Between the snow, wind, cold temperatures, ice and freezing rain, it makes for a pretty cold winter. 

“Plus it snows all the time.”

The mall creates a combination of a wind tunnel and beautiful snow globe. Pro Tip: do not walk through the mall. 

Avoid if possible. Go through DiSepio, Scotus, or Sullivan. Walking through these connected buildings will keep you out of the cold for a while.

“Never underestimate a good pair of boots, and make sure to cover as much skin as possible,” said sophomore Adrian Page.

Sophomore Kate Viera agrees. 

“Layer up and always wear a hat and scarf,” said Viera. “Either wear gloves or keep your hands in your pockets. 

“Always, always wear a parka, hat, gloves, scarf and fuzzy socks.”

While some students argue that Loretto is colder than the North Pole, they also acknowledge that the school in the pines has it benefits. 

“Studying by the fireplace in JFK when is snows is my favorite part of the winter,” said Viera.

Winter in Loretto also brings out the child in many students. 

“The best part of the winter is sledding on the weekends and snowball fights,” said Tyler Glunt.

Jake Maddigan appreciates Mother Nature’s beauty in the winter.

“The snow on the mountain is gorgeous,” said Maddigan. “Being able to sled and ski is also super fun.”

Carr said her pro tip for surviving the winter is to stock up on as much hot chocolate as possible. She said you will need it when it is too cold to leave the dorms. 

Bundle up and good luck.