Trustees Visit Campus for Meetings


The University’s Board of Trustees visited campus a few weeks ago for their annual meeting. 

The trustees were on campus for three days, during which they discussed various topics and welcomed three new members to the Board: Rev. Jonathan St. Andre, T.O.R., Rev. Gregory Plow, T.O.R. and Rev. Vincent Yeager, T.O.R. 

“Francis 2026 was a main topic of discussion,” said Vickie Soyka, Executive Assistant to the President. “Trustees engaged in brainstorming sessions to help frame the University’s strategic plan. 

“During the trustees’ business meeting, the Board unanimously approved the 2019-20 University budget, as well as faculty sabbaticals for the 2020-21 academic year.”

The trustees praised the efforts of University staff and faculty in the recruitment of the 2019-20 freshman class.

“At the conclusion of the October board meetings, the trustees acknowledged the enrollment success of this past year’s recruitment cycle, which yielded one of the largest first-year classes,” said Frank Montecalvo, Vice President for Innovative Partnerships and Student Development.

“Institutional strategic planning was emphasized as a new planning cycle begins.”

SFU’s Board of Trustees consists of approximately 30 people who ensure the University is following its mission and values. 

“Saint Francis is blessed to have an extremely engaged and talented Board of Trustees,” said Montecalvo. “Their understanding of the University and the competitive environment of the academy today is truly an advantage for our institution.”

During their time on campus, several members of the Board of Trustees attended the Student Government Association Senate meeting on Oct. 23. This was the first time any trustee had ever attended an SGA Senate meeting. 

“Without question, they were impressed with our Student Government Association and the impact it has made with infusing the student voice into the operation of the University,” said Montecalvo.