Students Like Being Able to Swipe at Frankie’s Campus Club


With the renovations to Frankie’s over the summer came the decision to make some changes to dining plan options, specifically the use of meal swipes and flex cash.

Before this semester, meal swipes could only be used at Torvian, while flex cash was accepted at Frankie’s, Adamucci Café and Padua Express.  Beginning this semester, meal swipes can now be used at both Torvian and Frankie’s.

Many students, especially student-athletes, have been going to Frankie’s instead of Torvian and using their meal swipes.

“It seems like there’s more flexibility,” said Father Malachi. “Our hope was it would give them (students) another option.”

The idea for the use of meal swipes at Frankie’s was supported by the Student Government Association.

“I feel like the meal swipes idea for Frankie’s was a very good way to go about it,” said junior Austin Noel.

“It provides an option for people with schedules that limit their ability to go to Torvian from always having to rely on their flex cash for a meal in the evenings.”