Frankie’s Campus Club Open for Business


Frankie’s Campus Club – the new food court located on the bottom floor of JFK – opened to all students and faculty on Sept. 6.

“Food has always been a symbol of fellowship and unity for me,” said the University’s Student Government Association President Teresa Narduzzi. The senior Communications major helped lead the initiative for the new food court.

A “soft open” of Frankie’s Campus Club took place for three days before the grand opening on Friday, Sept. 6. Seniors were invited to eat at the new venue on Tuesday, juniors were invited Wednesday, and sophomores were invited Thursday.

“Being able to use meal swipes in Frankie’s is something that SFU students have never experienced before,” said Narduzzi.

Frankie’s Campus Club offers a Mongolian Grill, Cinco Cantina and a deli, as well as some of the entrees previously served at the old Frankie’s.

“We could not change the JFK footprint,” said Father Malachi Van Tassell, president of the University. “The hallway is much wider, and the bookstore is in the same location but slightly reconfigured.”

The final price of the renovations was between $2 and $4 million dollars.

“I want to give credit to Vice President of Finance Jeff Savino because he is really the brains behind the funding for this,” said Fr. Malachi. “He saw a creative funding opportunity when we refinanced the debt on the Science Center.”

“It benefits all of our students,” said Fr. Malachi.