Lift-for-Life raises money for rare disease research


The football team conducted its annual Lift-for-Life event at DeGol Field House on April 7.

The event was led by Rob Long, a former Syracuse University punter who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer during his collegiate career.

Long, who is now cancer-free, is affiliated with the Lift-for-Life national organization. He was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma during his senior year at Syracuse.

The SFU football team put their muscles to the test at the event. Junior Nick Rinella, an All-Northeast Conference performer last fall, led the team’s organizing efforts and kept track of each player’s bench reps, as well as how much money was donated.

“We want to support the mission of Uplifting Athletes to raise awareness and donations for the rare disease community, while using our platform,” said Rinella.

Lift-for-Life raises awareness for rare diseases, so people understand the value of donating to the cause. More than 30 million people are affected by a rare disease or cancer each year.

Donations to the event included straight donations, as well as money pledged based on how many repetitions at 225 pounds were completed.

Players on the defensive side of the ball averaged 20 reps at 225 pounds. The players on the offensive side averaged 20.8 reps, giving them bragging rights until next year’s event.

The event raised $1,083.