Campus Ministry hosts discussion on love and marriage

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Campus Ministry hosts discussion on love and marriage

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Campus Ministry hosted a panel of couples who shared their experiences on incorporating faith into their marriage in the Campus Ministry Lounge on Valentine’s Day evening.

The panelists addressed the struggles that come with marriage and the importance of talking with each other and trusting each other.  The panelists all agreed that allowing doubt to enter a relationship is detrimental.

“Your faith becomes what you are, and not who you are,” said Scott Gleason, an assistant volleyball coach at SFU and member of the panel.

Several members of the panel said other ways to bring faith into relationships is teaching your children about faith, noting that parents can learn more about God through their children.

“I think students struggle with the terms of love and marriage and what they mean,” said the Rev. James Puglis, Director of Campus Ministry.

“Marriage is a process and you must take one thing at a time.”

The panel discussed the lessons of life that they learned through the early years of a marriage. They also stressed the importance of communication.

“The panel came from a wide variety of backgrounds – one couple being married for over 25 years and the other was for less than 10 years,” said student Patrick Sprigler.

“This enabled them to give a really unique insight into married life.”

Roughly 30 students attended the discussion.

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