Happy Birthday Charles Schwab!

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Happy Birthday Charles Schwab!

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The Shields School of Business marked the birthday anniversary of Charles M. Schwab (1862-1939), an 1887 Saint Francis alumnus, on Feb. 18. Cupcakes and hot chocolate were enjoyed by students, faculty and staff in Schwab Hall, a building named after the steel magnate.

“Schwab was the first CEO of a billion-dollar company, U.S. Steel,” said John Miko, associate dean of the Shields School of Business. “He innovated the wide-flange steel beam, which helped build America’s infrastructure and ushered in the age of the skyscraper.”

Schwab never forgot his alma mater in his rise to the pinnacle of the steel industry.

“We are proud of him, just as we are proud of the thousands of students that have followed him here at SFU,” said Miko.

Denise Damico, an associate professor of History, while acknowledging the complex legacy of Schwab, believes that “we at SFU must acknowledge the enormous impact of his life on our Loretto and campus community.

“Schwab Hall, St. Michael’s Basilica, the Schwab Estate and Immergrun stand as a testament to Schwab’s story and his appreciation of our local area.”
Charles Schwab had a zest for life, one evident in his writings: “If you’re young today, look around you. Use your head and use your courage. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on anything fundamentally honest and constructive.”

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