Class of 2020 hosts Halloween Trivia Night


Halloween Trivia Night began with a bang at JFK on Oct. 25. Topics of ghoulish proportions were featured alongside some equally interesting philanthropy questions.

The event was sponsored by the Student Philanthropy Ambassadors, who according to Cynthia Henderson, Assistant Director of the Saint Francis Annual Fund, are “a group of students who volunteer to help educate students on the importance of philanthropy and promote awareness of how private gifts impact student life here at Saint Francis University”.

All proceeds from the event benefit the Class of 2020 Legacy Gift.

Fifteen dollar Sheetz cards were given to the winners, along with smaller prizes to participants, including candy and other small items related to the Halloween season.

The names of the teams that participated included Crunk Crib, Water Polo, Boran, John and Jenny’s on the Block, and Flash Drive. Roughly 20 students participated.

Topics switched every other round, beginning with Halloween themes, followed by philanthropy themes. There were seven rounds total.

Teams Crunk Crib and Flash Drive tied for top honors with 56 points each. Team Water Polo came in a close second with 52 points, followed by teams John and Jenny’s on the Block and Boran, with 45 and 40 points, respectively.