Sustainability the goal at Hoop House Garden

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Sustainability the goal at Hoop House Garden

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The University community was given the opportunity to tour the Hoop House Garden, a unique on-campus greenhouse, on Oct. 29.

Home to many different varieties of vegetables and plants, the Hoop House Garden uses only sustainable food production methods that preserve the soil and plants.

Students in Marie Olson’s Sustainable Food Production class care for the plants in the Hoop House Garden. Olson enjoys sustainable agricultural farming in her free time and she also enjoys passing her knowledge and expertise on to the students in her course.

“The class teaches students how to grow crops sustainably, without using any harmful pesticides,” said Olson.

Those who toured the Hoop House learned about organic agriculture and tasted different greens that were grown in the garden. Visitors were also provided the opportunity to purchase greens.

The group is growing a variety of plants and vegetables, including radishes, red Russian kale and red mizuna.

This type of sustainable farming is very difficult in colder climates such as Loretto, but this challenge has not deterred the group.

Crops grown in the Hoop House are regulated with sustainable energy, keeping the house at a specific temperature and humidity.

During warmer days, the members of the Hoop House team pull up the walls surrounding the house to give the crops natural sunlight and exposure to other outside elements.