Bower sisters dominate softball together

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Two sisters, one team, the same goal: however, where one journey ends, the other begins. Sisters Mikayla and Alexis Bower have both impacted Saint Francis’ Softball program.

For Alexis, the journey was successful from the start. She was unstoppable her first year, being named rookie of the year, All NEC First Team selection and many more.

Her success continued week after week; season after season, she continued to earn accolades. It wasn’t until she tore various ligaments in her knee that her outstanding career ended.

While one Bower’s career seemed to end, it was merely the beginning for the other. Even though Mikayla may not have started every game in her early part of her career, she always contributed to the team’s success.

“I struggled a lot in the first two years of my career, stressing about things that were out of my control,” said Mikayla. “I was devastated every game that my name was not called in the starting lineup.”

The sisters used each other for motivation: Alexis used Mikayla’s struggles to push her to lead as a positive example, while Mikayla used her sister’s injury to push her to finish what her sister started.

Mikayla has now won NEC Player of the Week multiple times and continues to grow. The sister who was once watching from the side has now stepped up to the plate, making Alexis proud.

“As a big sister, there is no greater feeling than seeing Mikayla finally begin to succeed on the field,” said Alexis. “It almost brings tears to my eyes whenever I see how much fun she is having on the field and succeeding at the same time. She has worked so hard the past couple years and kept believing even during some of the hardest times. For that, I am extremely proud of her.”

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