Opportunities found in schedule of classes

“This place is boring.”

“There is nothing to do here.”

“You have to spend so much money to do anything around here!”

These are phrases commonly exchanged between SFU students. Little do they know, there are various opportunities offered right here on campus.

I didn’t come to this realization until my junior year of college. Sure, I had heard of the activities that went on around campus, but they all sounded so expensive. Then, I had to sign up for a free elective my fall semester.

I looked at all the classes that were offered and none of them grabbed my attention at first. As I skimmed through the list, I stopped dead on scuba diving.

“No,” I thought to myself. “I would probably have to rent equipment and pay for a hotel. I’m too broke for that!”

Although discouraged, I was still curious about the scuba program. I was blown away when I discovered that scuba was open in the fall, free of charge (after the cost of tuition)! It only costs extra money in the spring because students receive their certification in Saint Lucia. However, in the fall, students gain certification by practicing their newly acquired skills in a quarry by the school. I jumped on this opportunity, and now I am scuba certified.

This got me thinking. What else is offered right here on campus that I have missed out on?

Fall semester passed and spring came about. Since scuba diving was only one credit, I required two more free elective credits to meet the requirements of my major. As I looked through the electives offered, one class caught my attention, labeled “Intro to Whitewater Kayaking.

My love for the outdoors inspired my excitement. I looked to see if I could enter this course. However, all the spots were filled; who wouldn’t take the opportunity for practically free kayaking lessons?  Although I was overcome with disappointment, I had a realization in that moment: if I would have known that this course was offered, I would have been fighting for a spot from the beginning.

I’m writing this as a wake-up call for everyone on campus. Take these opportunities now, with no further cost besides tuition! Do not have any regrets in the future. Look into these programs because they are truly amazing opportunities.  Be able to look back on college and honestly say that you took every opportunity and lived your life to the fullest. Who knows!  Maybe you have a passion that hasn’t been discovered yet. Make SFU your personal adventure.