SFU welcomes new international students

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SFU welcomes new international students

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Saint Francis University’s International Student Program recruited three more Chinese international students in the spring semester.

Two of the students are from Providence University at Taipei. The other is from Jilin, Heilongjiang Province.

“Before I came here, I was a little bit nervous since it’s the first time for me and my English isn’t the best,” said Li Mingrui, a new member of the ESL program. “I’m used to the weather here, and I like snow very much since Jilin snows a lot and it is always cold there. I think I will fit in pretty quick after improving my English speaking skill and start to talk to more people.”

Li also joined the global buddy event to meet more American friends.

“The environment of our university is really good. It’s pretty quiet down here. Definitely a good place for my education,” said Shao Yunfei, who is currently in the exchange student program. “I work out a lot back in Taipei. Our gym provides me enough equipment for my daily workout which is awesome.

“I only came here for one semester to experience the America university life so that I can think about if I really want to come to the United States for the rest of my undergrad education. I think I’ve picked the right university for my experience so far. The professors and students are friendly enough to make me feel like at home,” said Shao.

“Everybody asked me if I have problems with language. But the answer is no,” said Wen Qianqian, the other student of the exchange student program from Taipei. “I was born in Malaysia originally. And most of us know how to speak at least 3 languages including Malaysian, Chinese (Simplified) and English so it was easy for me to catch up with everything.”

With the advantage of being able to speak multiple languages, Wen maintains a good friendship with both Chinese and local students by going to a lot of events.

“The only thing that I need more time to work on is to eat American food in Torvian. It’s hard for me since Malaysia and Taiwan both had a different style of cooking food. I will fit in eventually.”

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