SFU Humans: Camille Smithbauer

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SFU Humans: Camille Smithbauer

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As the homecoming court anxiously awaited the results in DeGol Football Stadium, Camille Smithbauer was internalizing the special opportunity before her.

Smithbauer, a senior Occupational Therapy major, was voted by her peers as the 2017-2018 SFU Homecoming Queen. With a thankful heart and tearful eyes, she waved to the audience.

“When I found out I was on [homecoming] court, I knew it was one of the highest honors you could receive here because it is peer selected,” said Smithbauer.

Having dipped her feet into many different organizations on campus, Smithbauer has impacted many lives. She is currently a third-year Resident Assistant (RA), has held multiple leadership positions in her sorority (Gamma Sigma Sigma) and was the president of the Student Occupational Therapy Association Club (SOTA).

“Whenever I set foot on this campus,” said Smithbauer, “there was a sense of feeling at home. The people here aren’t just friends, they are family.”

Coming out of high school, she described herself as shy and quiet. Smithbauer got involved on campus quickly; she felt as if she could truly be herself.

“Saint Francis has given me more than I can say. I think that it has really helped me find who I am as a person,” said Smithbauer. “It has helped me become the individual I am today.”

Upon graduation, Smithbauer hopes to help more people by using her degree in Occupational Therapy to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

But, she knows her school pride will never die, and the friendships she has made will last a lifetime.

“Saint Francis will always be my home away from home.”

Camille and her escort, Ryan Cox, ride in a car for the homecoming parade.

Camille and Randall Frye pose after being crowned.