SFU Humans: Randall Frye

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SFU Humans: Randall Frye

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SFU Member: Randall Frye

Major: Public Administration and Business Management

Year of Graduation:  2018

Randall Frye was submerged in SFU culture since he was a small child. His first memory at Saint Francis was around the age of four when his father Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the SFU School of Business, received an award. He described being “enchanted” by the sight of JFK Student Center.

Frye is a double major of Public Administration and Business Management. He is involved in many leadership roles on campus, including the Student Government Association’s Executive Vice President, and Class of 2018 President.

“I love being able to take issues that matter to people to a broader field,” said Frye when describing his SGA experience.

Frye is known to always have a smile on his face. His cheerfulness and positivity toward life always brightens each day. “The longer I’m here, the more I fall in love with the place,” said Frye, “and it’s mostly because of the people.”

He continues to get to know all 418 of his classmates as he heads into graduation. When asked about what his presidential speech would be about, he emphasized the importance of continuing lifelong friendships, as well as embracing the new world that awaits them.

Being 22 years old and in his last year of SFU undergraduate studies, Frye said, “You never know how special a place is until you have lived it.”