Three students land Intrepid Grants; Social Work recipient to help students with disabilities


Sam Kimmel

Annamarie Green

Saint Francis’ School of Arts & Letters recently announced the three winners of its 2016-17 Intrepid grants.

Gabrielle Beck (Spanish/Pre-Professional Concentration), Sara Snyder (Political Science) and Annamarie Green (Social Work) have been awarded the grants.

The monetary awards provide high-achieving students with funding to complete an original academic, creative or service project.

Green is using her $800 grant to travel to schools in rural communities in the Harrisburg/Philadelphia area. She will participate in seminars for parents and students with learning, physical or mental disabilities.

“During this seminar, I focus on transitioning through different stages—middle school to high school, and high school to college or adult life for students with disabilities,” said Green. “I also plan to help children draft plans and see what they want to accomplish and what they think they can [accomplish] and compare it in the different demographic areas.”

The junior SFU student will also conduct surveys for parents and students that will allow her to compare the satisfaction and effectiveness of education plans/accommodations for students in rural communities and inner cities.

“I wanted to do this research project because of the individuals I know with disabilities and the obstacles they faced after high school,” said Green. “I also have personal experience as a disabled student. Understanding rights and opportunities after high school could get confusing if you do not prepare properly.”

Green’s grant will cover the cost of train tickets, an overnight stay at a hotel during the seminars, charges from the schools to hold the seminars, and any clearances she may need.

“My goal is to see how educated Pennsylvania parents and students are about accommodations, personal rights and the process of transitioning into adulthood,” said Green. “I hope to present the information at the annual SFU Research Day and, if I find substantial information from my study, I will be presenting it at the state capitol.

“I hope to help initiate policy based [on] the information. I also hope this will help in my admittance to the University of Penn dual MSW (master of social work) and law program for fall of 2018.”