Commentary: Ethical Issues Forum lacked the right perspective

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I just got back from the Ethical Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election Forum. I am so shocked and frustrated. I went because it was in place of a class I was taking. What shocked me was the absolute bias of the panel.  There was not one conservative view represented on this panel. We were treated to Commercials where Hillary bashed Trump on all his evils, but not one commercial from Trump on Hillary’s evils (and there are plenty). When people from the audience tried to point out some of Clinton’s problems they were dismissed and treated rudely. One of the guys on the Panel actually laughed at the one question that a audience member asked. When we left my fellow students and I were angry; even students that are Clinton supporters saw how biased and unfair this Forum was.

By the time this is published the election will be over, but here is what I wished the Forum would have allowed. That while no candidate was perfect; Hillary defends abortion up until the time of birth. She wants and will fund all abortions through our tax-payer money. She also has stated that Americans will have to change their religious beliefs and cultural codes so she can pass the laws she wants. These beliefs will affect all Catholics but especially Catholics that are in the medical field.  This is a important issue for my family, as I have five members in the medical field; All will have their ethics put to the test.

Clinton will not allow religious exemption for Catholic Doctors, Nurses or Pharmacists who will not give out birth control pills (because they can cause spontaneous abortions). She will not allow them to say no to participating in abortions in their training or practice. She will not allow them to say no to Euthanasia or assisted suicide. How will she do this? Well, she has the opportunity to appoint anywhere from 2-4 new justices to the Supreme Court. This will be devastating to our Freedom of Religion.

Since this is a Catholic University and many Priests and Bishops have stated that you can not vote for someone so anti-life and anti-religious freedom, I can not understand why there was not one person on the panel that represented the conservative view.
I am extremely disappointed that this panel would show such bias and not really show all the ethical issues that this election holds.

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