SFU student posts from Republican Convention

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Note: SFU senior Amanda Schiavo is working as a Fox News intern at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. She will blog about her activities.


Blog Post #4, July 20

I was given the opportunity to radio report for FOX News on Wednesday. Handed a beat-up recorder and four questions typed on a piece of paper, I am sure my face said everything: I was on cloud nine.

The FOX News Radio Team laughed at how excited I was to perform one of their mundane daily responsibilities…but I didn’t mind. I knew that I was prepared from the various courses I have taken, especially one this past spring. So I listened to their instructions, took a few photos and headed toward the Q in attempt to gather statements for FOX News Radio’s weekend show, “America’s Talking.”

After receiving the floor pass to gain access to the early-arriving delegates, I asked a fellow TWC intern to assist me by taking photo of me reporting for FOX News Radio’s social media account. Together, we walked circles around the Q asking the permission of delegates, their spouses and Trump fanatics to answer a few questions. Some leaped at the opportunity to voice their opinion for FOX News, whereas others shied away either because of their job title or personal preference.

Regardless…everyone was polite. That was my biggest fear. I worried that people would view me as a fly on the wall…merely a pest…instead of an actual reporter attempting to gather anonymous opinions surrounding the RNC.

Overall, it went incredible. The segment created with the audio clips I gathered sounded terrific, the radio team was impressed and I had a great time. I also made some valuable connections in the process of gaining experience reporting.

Blog Post #3, July 19

I walked past crowds of protesters as I met my two teammates from Cleveland for brunch at Jack Flaps. The environment was intense, as a woman hung out of her window screaming at protesters below. The crowds were heavy as each person attempted to catch a video or picture, or purchase comedic souvenirs.

After brunch, I headed toward the Media Center to begin my day at work. FOX News Radio broadcasted a Facebook Live podcast around 3 p.m. Their uses of social media in a business environment interested me, as I learned it is of no cost to FOX to broadcast live from Facebook, yet they receive over 100,000 views.

At the conclusion of the broadcast, the radio team, me included, headed to the Q to begin our nightly coverage at 6 p.m. The remainder of the evening was spent collecting broadcast guests from the hectic main concourse and guiding them up to radio row on the 6th floor. I was even able to spend time on the floor of the convention gathering credentials for our reporters upstairs.

Overall, I barely ate… I walked…ran… about 15,000 steps and loved every single moment.

I cannot express enough gratitude for this experience and to the FOX News Radio team for treating me as one of their own. I have made many connections thus far, even received an offer for an internship with FOX in the spring of 2017.

I have this feeling that I am right where I am supposed to be. I was made for this.

Blog Post #2, July 18

The day began simpler than the day before. My field placement with FOX News was moved to a later shift, 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., to allow for me to assist solely FOX News Radio.

Arriving at the media center, I was given a priority task by my lead supervisor to deliver credentials to individuals at the Quicken Loans Arena (the Q). Little did I know, the media shuttles had been halted for thirty minutes and the backup between the Q and the media center would result in a 40-minute wait.

However, once I arrived at the Q, the pace of my entire day shifted from slow and steady to fast-paced and hectic. I spent the rest of my day running up and down the elevators to provide the FOX News Radio staff everything they needed to work efficiently.

The kickoff of the RNC was orchestrated impressively. The highlights of the event included Donald Trump arriving early to introduce his wife, who gave the controversial speech similar to Michelle Obama’s.

Blog Post #1, July 17

Sunday, July 17, 2016, was my first day working at my field placement with FOX News. The experience was incredible.

Traveling into Cleveland was quite different than just the day before. The security was noticeably heightened, with police officers at what it felt to be almost 20 yards away from me at all times. Military snipers were hidden on the top corners of almost every building, and perimeter roadblocks halted traffic for miles in the city streets near the public square.

Arriving around noon after passing through the Secret Service checkpoint, I was placed at the FOX News Radio station. Throughout the day, I acted as their assistant running errands and attempting to make the organized chaos simpler for them. Mid-afternoon I traveled with the radio team to the Quicken Loans Arena (the Q), the location of the Republican Convention, to view the FOX News Radio location. We were escorted on a secure shuttle with a Secret Service agent sitting in the front with a film crew taping the transportation.

Inside the Q, more organized chaos was taking place as personnel rushed to finish setting up “media row” and the floor where the delegates will be located. The details came down to a science. Between the different themed media booths to the stage where the delegates will announce their vote, the time spent on planning could not be explained as anything except tireless days and dedication. The day did not end with my field placement at Fox News.

After work, I was invited to a media and delegate only welcome party called “Rock the Night in Cleveland.” The event took place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and on the North Coast Harbor. For miles, the North Coast Harbor was lined with food trucks offering the invitees free food to sample and beverages to drink. A Lynyrd Skynyrd concert provided entertainment for guests sitting on the lawn enjoying the breathtaking view of the sunset on the harbor.

My night concluded with a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and watching the fireworks on the top floor balcony. I found myself throughout the day thanking God for the experience I was given at this incredible, historic event. So, cheers to good conversations and memories to last a lifetime.