Psychology Club Hosts Film Viewing, Discussion

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Inside Out, a Golden Globe Award-winning animated film, takes an inward approach to understanding our mental processes by providing characters to replicate four basic human emotions—fear, joy, sadness and anger.

SFU students viewed the film earlier this month and then conducted a brief discussion, led by the president of the psychology club Sabrina Palguta, treasurer Adonte Haddox and club member Leah Rickert.

The psychology club chose the film for its in-depth, yet easily understandable information. There was complimentary pizza for attendees.

Most of the discussion focused on deciphering the validity of the information Pixar provided, and relating it to actual mental and emotional processes.

“When I watched it the first time, it seemed cute,” said Rickert, “However, the second time it seemed sadder.”

Rickert and Haddox emphasized how much reality existed in such a fictitious children’s animated movie.

“The whole fact they included the REM process was pretty cool,” Haddox said.

The psychology club will sponsor more film sessions next semester.

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Psychology Club Hosts Film Viewing, Discussion