Stress relief tips this finals season

This is it. Finals are finally upon us.

With projects and tests galore, it comes as no surprise that stress is just as present as the work for students this time of year. But what can we do about it? It seems that no matter how we handle the semester before finals, the stress they bring will always be present. This may be true, but there are a number of ways to help calm yourself down and relieve some of the pressure.

One of the best ways to relieve stress during finals is planning and working ahead. At the beginning of the semester, you most likely receive a syllabi of everything you’ll be doing throughout your courses. Using these to map out your own work schedule can help alleviate a lot of stress. Similar to a class schedule, this personal schedule can make the work easier to get done. There will always be the occasional extra assignments your professors throw at you last minute, but getting as much done as you can ahead of time can really save you from the dreaded all-nighters and rushed assignments in the end.

Another way to avoid stress this finals season is taking some time off to relax. Once you finally finish that big assignment, you may have a few hours to kill. Instead of watching YouTube alone, it would be much better for you to get out of your dorm or study space. Take a break from the quiet and go for a walk, grab something to eat, or hang out with friends. Even if just for a short time, breaking out of the mind-frame you got into while studying will help you regroup for your next assignment. While everything may seem overwhelming at first, being able to break away from it all can really help make finals a lot less intimidating.

A third way to help your stress levels during this busy time of year is to take care of yourself. Make sure you eat, shower and sleep enough. It may sound like common sense, but many people push little things like this aside in favor of finishing that dreaded essay. Maintaining a full stomach will help rejuvenate your energy so you can keep moving along and get work done. A solid sleep schedule will also greatly improve your focus and chances of success. Finally, feeling clean and ready for a new day will help you to de-stress. Taking a shower can help you reset with a much needed break.

As nice as these options are, grades and assignments have to come first this week. However, it is still important to pay attention to your own personal needs and take a moment every once and a while to relax and de-stress. A build-up of stress will only lead to rushed projects or work that may not make you proud. Just do your best and try not to overthink during this stressful time of the year. It is almost over! Good luck!